Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Miracle of Karen Ann (Part Two)

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12.

For the next 18 months the ministry together with Karen Ann continued. I discovered that she could manifest through other people besides Pauline. If Pauline was present when that happened she could still hear and feel Karen. The gift of discerning of spirits was very strong. The gifts of the Holy Spirit that were in operation in this fellowship with Karen, and others, were tongues and interpretation of tongues - we always prayed in tongues and knew whatever happened during the ministry session was an interpretation of tongues.

The gift of faith was at full strength throughout as we were in uncharted waters. There was no-one to ask but Jesus and He was loving it. The gift of miracles was flowing like a river and not just for Karen. We knew there was a link between her and Israel and in that 18 month period the number of Jews allowed out from Russia increased from an annual figure of 10 to 12000!  There were also an amazing number of people in coma, even irreversible comas, who woke up and were healed. So the gift of healings featured strongly.

The prophetic gift was also in constant operation as this whole period of ministry formed a prophetic foundation still fruitful today.  The word of knowledge was flowing daily. In fact we needed and learnt to use all the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in harmony throughout the ministry to Karen Ann. 

Scripture: Acts 3 v4-9; John 12 v 24.

I always believed that Karen Ann would wake up from her coma and tell the world about Jesus to silence the sceptics.  The biography, Karen Ann's Story, by Phyllis Batelle, confirmed much we already knew about her.

A week before she went into coma, just 10 days after her 21st birthday, she visited a fortune teller who told her that her lifeline was so long she would never die. This was new info to me. Two years after she went into the coma her parents won a famous court case to turn off the machines keeping her alive. They pulled the plug but Karen did not die.

We prayed to break the fortune teller's curse which was prolonging her torturous life. Within days Karen contracted pneumonia and passed away. I mourned her like my own child. I was grateful she was out of her misery and rejoiced that she was in Heaven.

Moments before I heard she had died just before midnight on June 11, 1985, in Morristown, New Jersey, USA, the Lord gave the verse - unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it abides alone; but if it falls into the ground and dies it will bring forth much fruit. He also said everyone saw her walking and leaping and praising God. - It was a great comfort to know that she was free at last.  
It took a while for me to adjust to life without Karen but the Lord had plans not problems and it was not long before the glorious fruit began to appear.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1 v 25 - 31

A quadriplegic man called Chris came to live with us. The first weekend he visited us was about a year after Karen's death. I never talked about her to anyone. Chris and I were having fellowship when I felt a familiar anointing. Whenever the Lord wanted me to minister to Karen I would feel this heat and tingling in my hands. While chatting to Chris I was trying to remove myself from this feeling. It got much stronger so I just told Chris the whole story.

His response was "I feel like I have a catheter inside me and there is a woman's voice asking me to tell her about Jesus!" He said her name was "Marie" and she was in a coma. So we told her about Jesus and prayed with her to receive Jesus. Next came a boy, "Johan", and we did the same for him. Two days later in the newspaper it said that "Marie" had died and her son had woken up from a coma after a landmine had blown up their car a year before. I actually cannot remember their proper names but it was amazing to have confirmation from the Lord that what we were doing was effective.

Chris had many people in coma visit him in spirit. He would read the Bible to them in groups and pray for them all the time. It kept him occupied and he was thrilled to have a ministry of his own.

Scripture;  1 Corinthians 2 v 14 - 16; Acts 2 v 38-40; Isaiah 59 v 16.

By now you will be aware that a much superior mind than mine was at work in the story of Karen Ann. She went into her coma in April 1974. It started everything off. I got saved in August 1974. In November 1979 I was called to be an Intercessor - that is one who stands in the gap between God and man.
In December 1979 while driving for the first time on a newly opened section of highway in Johannesburg, the Lord instructed me to pray for Karen Ann. Her "file" was downloaded into my mind before I reached my destination.  The Lord took my "searching for the right direction on a new highway" and transformed it into a life-changing ministry.

In September 1983 I met Pauline in a school tuckshop. She followed me home and said she wanted to make Jesus Lord of her life. When she had received the new birth she asked, "What is next?". I said water baptism. Fully instructed and freshly baptized she asked, "Is that all?" I said No you still need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Within minutes she was speaking in tongues and raring to go.

Six weeks later Pauline started manifesting demons out of severely bound people. We would start to pray for a person far away - the first time it concerned a woman who came from the Seychelles and Pauline went into a trance.  She began to move her head and then stood swaying until she was doing a wild flamenco dance before collapsing in a heap on the floor.

The lady we were praying for had a nervous tic that caused her head to bob continuously. She was a stranger to Pauline. She visited us the next day and her head was completely still. The demon in that dance that made this lady a psychic had gone forever.   

2 months later in January 1984 we started the ministry to Karen Ann given by the Lord through tongues and the interpretation of tongues. Everything ever done concerning Karen was initiated by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Everything ever done in my entire ministry has been initiated by the Lord. I surrendered all to Jesus and He took full control. I truly know what it means to possess the mind of Christ. He reigns and we are subject to Him. The deeper the surrender the greater the victory for those in bondage.

Prayer: Father God the spiritual dimension is more real to me than any material things as whatever begins in the spirit realm manifests in the flesh. Open every eye to see the marvels of Your Kingdom and to choose the right way. Because Your Word is a lamp for our feet and a light to our path. You use people like Chris that many would overlook but he identified with them in ways few others could. Raise up those who would go the extra mile for You. 

Heavenly Father thank You for choosing me to be part of this miracle that turned my life upside down. You want us to believe for big things so Your mighty power can be displayed. In Jesus' name. Amen.