Friday, 19 April 2013

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Scripture: Psalm 123.

David lifts his eyes heavenwards searching for the Lord, wanting to make eye contact with Him. That recognition and reassurance strengthens all those who seek His compassion and mercy. We need to make eye contact with Jesus as when He sees our faith His grace flows towards us to meet our needs.
These days Christians are under much persecution as millions of people deny the Lord who bought them at the price of His own life.

Many mock and scoff at Jesus and His followers; many of them who think they are Christians but also believe that those who are full of zeal and love for Jesus are deceived. God calls such people hypocrites.

My family told people I was "touched" meaning slightly mad. I was an embarrassment to them. I was no longer believing in the tired old religion they were bound to.  I was definitely touched - by the Lord Jesus Himself who blessed and anointed me to serve Him. I would sing - He touched me; Yes He touched me and O the joy that floods my soul. Something happened and now I know He touched me and made me whole.

Remember that the same type of mockers watched and scoffed as Noah and his sons built an ark 100 miles from the coast in a place that had had no rainfall for 150 years. Today CNN and all the experts would be on the scene to persecute Noah. Until the deluge came and tsunamis wiped them all out.

Just looking at the destruction in Boston this week and other parts of the USA and feeling for those whose peaceful existence has been violently disrupted. The President is calling for people to pray but if we are praying to different gods what will the outcome be as one god's meat is another god's poison.

If he had said "Let us call on Jesus Christ to heal our land" that would be true leadership and proper direction but he does not dare do that as every other religion in the USA would condemn him.

Today God is building a spiritual ark called the Body of Christ. He says He will have the last laugh as the persecuted followers are safe inside when the Wrath of the Lamb destroys His enemies.

Are you helping to build this spiritual ark by being close to Jesus and obedient to His Word? Or are you content to let someone else do the building in the false hope that God loves everyone and He will be merciful no matter what you do or omit to do. 

Keep your eyes turned upon Jesus! And be obedient to Him at all times.

Prayer: Heavenly Father it is wonderful to be wrapped in Your pure love knowing that when the end comes we are safe from harm. Give us compassion for the lost that we may bring some to You for salvation. In Jesus' name. Amen.