Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What is Man? - Vision 9

Scripture: Psalm 8 v 4; Revelation 22 v 17-21; Deuteronomy 7; 1 Thessalonians 4 v 13-18.

(Continued from The Jigsaw Puzzles)
One thing that stood out to me personally through knowing how everything began and why we are on Earth was God's abundant love for us. Why did He care so much? How could He love us as much as He loved Israel or Jesus? It is because we ARE either part of one or the other! Our Father, our true Father, has done so much to save us out of the evil clutches of Satan and still there are those who prefer to follow the ways of the world and who may be lost forever.

When we take Communion remember Jesus saying at the Last Supper - this is My body broken for you eat this in remembrance of me. Jesus' body was not broken on the Cross but it was shattered into small fragments in satan's realm - Revelations 13 v 8 - the Lamb who was slain from the foundations of the world.

Israel was the Bride God chose and throughout the Old Testament she is punished for disobedience and unfaithfulness. She has the Law on her back from Genesis to Malachi. There is an amazing revelation in Romans 7 v 2 about a woman guilty of adultery as long as her husband is alive, but free of that guilt when her husband dies. Israel was freed from condemnation of being an adulteress when Jesus died in Satan's realm and which He made very plain in Jerusalem when He died on the Cross,  crying out It is Finished just before He died. The Law separating Him from His precious Bride was over. 

God collected all the pieces and put them in one place, the land of Israel. When they turned aside they were taken hostage into strange lands and became slaves. When they were willing to serve God they were returned to their land. Sometimes they were oppressed in their own land. When they cried out to God they were sent The Saviour whom they caused to be killed.

They made a terrible curse over themselves when the crowd declared "His Blood be upon us and upon our children" - Matthew 27v25 - after Pilate had washed his hands of the decision to crucify Jesus. There is power and life in the Blood of Jesus Christ; there is also the curse of death when God will look away as He did in Egypt at the time of the Passover, causing the Egyptians to lose their firstborn sons. Pharoah was a type of Antichrist and God's judgment for the death of His Son was a life for a life. 

God looked away from Israel twice since that rejection of Jesus. In AD70 when the Temple was destroyed by Titus and the Jews scattered; and more recently in the Holocaust.

But God still loves Israel and has an everlasting Covenant with Her. He promised to forgive her and bring her back to her own land. Straight after the horrors of the death camps the way was opened by a resolution of the United Nations to restore Israel to their own land. Nevertheless God judged the nations who oppressed Israel, and will continue to do so.

Of course the error of Sarah and Abraham (see Determining God's Will) has haunted them ever since they returned to Eretz Israel, the Promised Land. The continual Arab war that keeps her on edge.  

Israel will make one more error. She will sign a 7 year peace treaty with all the Arab nations, under the hooded eyes of the Antichrist. Half way through the term of this treaty, the Antichrist will declare himself god in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. The eyes of Israel will be open to the truth. (Read "Jesus' Bride" and "The Jigsaw Puzzles".) Long after the Rapture of the Church,  which occurs just before the Antichrist declares himself god, ie mid way through the 7 years of the End Times, the Holy Spirit and the Bride say Come Lord Jesus! Revelations 22 v 17-21.

The first half of the 7 years is called "The Beginning of Sorrows" which is when the tribulations begin. Prior to these events are "the Birthpangs" which is happening now - things are starting to unravel financially, politically, health-wise, spiritually - there is much instability. The only safe haven now and in the years ahead is in the Body of Christ, for Jew and Gentile, as Jesus said He would never leave us. He has a real personal interest in keeping His Body and His Bride safe.

The second half of the 7 years, after the Rapture of the Church, is the Great Tribulation a time of devastation never seen before on Earth. The Antichrist will change from a man of peace to the worst dictator ever known. Nimrod, Nero, Hannibal, Stalin, Hitler, Gaddafi, Arafat, Assad rolled into one evil man. His single aim is to kill the Bride and everyone who dares to believe in Jesus after the Rapture. The Inquisition, the guillotine, the torments will be beyond belief. You do not want to be on this planet at that time.

There will be out of control weather like every week a major earthquake and tsunami, huge volcanic eruptions, terrible superstorms, ice storms, tornados, floods, snowstorms of unimaginable proportions. Food will be in short supply, fresh water will be scarce, pollution will be hazardous.

Lawlessness, anarchy, marauding hordes of crazed people raping, murdering, looting and burning as they go. As it was in the days of Noah and Lot so shall the coming of the Son of Man be. The days of Noah were so bad God had to flood the whole Earth to get rid of them. Make sure you are Raptured when the time comes!!

During the first half of the 7 years there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh to give every one the opportunity to get "into the Ark" of the Church. This is the great world revival which will have souls weeping with repentance as they come back to Jesus.

What is Man? Every soul is precious to God our Father and to Jesus. He loves His Body as Himself because it is Himself. He loves His Bride who was part of Him and stolen from Him. He paid the Ransom because He was the Ransom (Read "The Ransom"). He laid down His life for her. He says he will restore her to be a chaste virgin again and every memory of her capture will be erased.

There will be a new Earth and a New Heaven where will live in peace, love and joy forever. Enjoying our family and our Father forever.

Prayer: Heavenly Father confirm Your Word and Vision to those who read it. Give them understanding of this amazing love story to win back a stolen Bride. Only You could have done all this to restore us back to Your original creation. You are worthy O Lord God to receive worship and honour and praise. In Jesus' name. Amen.