Monday, 13 May 2013

Ambassadors for Christ

Scripture:  2 Corinthians 5 v 17-21.


The moment we are born again we become a new creation in Christ. When Jesus rose from the dead He was the firstfruits or prototype of a new breed of people. From Adam to the last one before Jesus, man was born sinful because they were tampered with by Satan in the Six Days Realm. 

These lawless people needed the law of Moses to keep them in line. In Deuteronomy 28 we have the blessings for obedience and the curses for disobedience. These apply for all those who choose to live under the Mosaic Law rather than the freedom to live by grace in Jesus Christ. The two cannot be mixed. You are either following Moses to God by the Law or following Jesus to God by grace.

When Jesus died the need for religious law was over. The new creation have Jesus' will written in their hearts.  Their sins are eternally forgiven. 

His will for you is different from His will for me. He has reconciled us to the Father and we need to promote peace and harmony to sinners.

That makes us Ambassadors who promote the Kingdom of God. The Church is the safe house for defectors from the sinful world.

When the final war called Armageddon is declared the embassy (church) will be closed and the Ambassadors pulled out and sent home to Heaven in the Rapture.  The Rapture is when in the blink of an eye born again believers will be lifted off this Earth alive as Jesus was lifted in His Ascension.

The church is not for sinners. We need to bring the sinners to Jesus outside the church because the church is the sanctuary for believers. It compromises the anointing when the unsaved come into the sanctuary. The Church is holy and set apart to God and He does not permit people with a strange spirit in His Holy Place.  Jesus ministered to people outside the Temple and told them about salvation. We should follow His lead.

Prayer: Heavenly Father unbelievers call this New Creation peculiar people.
And so we are for we live by faith and not by sight. Thank You for making us different. Help us to be worthy Ambassadors for You. In Jesus' name. Amen