Sunday, 12 May 2013

What Defiles A Man?

Scriptures: Matthew 15 v 11 - 20; James 1 v 13 - 16.


When we are carnally minded ie when we are not yet spiritually enlightened, we would say without hesitation that a drunk man is behaving in a very bad way because of the amount of liquor he has consumed. Similarly, that one who is erratic is behaving that way because they are hooked on drugs. Jesus says that it is not the substance one has taken that causes the bad behaviour but that which is within him that defiles him!

People generally shy away when one talks about demons or evil spirits. It does not fit into any scientific study or medical category. However, 70% of Jesus' ministry on Earth was casting out demons. They still exist today but their favourite party trick is to be invisible and pooh poohed by all and sundry.

If we want to seriously deal with alcoholism and addictions then we need to know what we are actively dealing with. David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz of The Cross and the Switchblade book and movie started a ministry for addicts in New York called Teen Challenge. It has a 94% success rate of the addict still being free of drugs after 5 years. Most other rehabs have 15% success rate. This is because Teen Challenge sets the captives free of demons that cause them to take drugs and defike themselves.

The drugs or alcohol trigger the demons into action which can range from unconsciousness to deadly violence and all in between. The root demon in every case is Bitterness (Read The Tree of Bitterness blog) which triggers feuds, fighting, murder, hate, rage, rape, and other evil deeds. Some courts give leniency for being under the influence. They are under the influence of a demon.

To get to the heart of this person he/she needs to confront the bitterness and unforgiveness within their heart. When that poisonous thorn is plucked out the bondage to alcohol or drugs can be dealt with. Trying to wean an abuser is like putting bandaid on a gangrenous wound.

The bitter demon within thrives on bitter substances. It drives the person to drink or drug to feed its own hunger. It, the demon, now has full control over the person and proceeds to cause as much havoc and distress as possible. It calls in its friends and they work together to destroy the person's life and reputation.

Demons have one agenda towards humans - kill, maim or destroy. (John 10v10). They can be inherited through the genes; they can be acquired by frequent sin and little discipline; they can be sent as a curse.

When Jesus died He conquered Satan and his demons and gave believer's power over them.   The person should always accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour before any demons are bound or cast out of him. The demons have no legal hold on one who is born again.

Its not only substance abuse but other things too. Adultery, sexual sin, - people like Tiger Woods and George Michael need deliverance from demons of lust. Swearing, cursing and bad language are also demonic manifestations. Cheating,fraud, lies and theft are all demons defiling us.

To live a victorious Christian life we need to overcome our nature based in original sin and walk in purity of mind and body as Jesus did. He lives inside us to help and encourage us over the rough places. Baptism in water removes our sinful nature and replaces it with the righteous nature of Jesus. Baptism in the Holy Spirit empowers us to testify of Jesus to others so they may walk in the light with Him free of demons, alcohol, drugs and other negative behaviour.

Prayer: Heavenly Father You made us and Satan hijacked us and warped us. You sent Jesus to remove the warps. We need to believe in His ability to set us free and keep us free. In Jesus' name. Amen.