Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Wineskins

Scripture: Mark 2 v 21-22.

These are the words of Jesus - no man puts new wine into an old wineskin. The old wineskin is stiff and rigid and the bubbly, freshly fermented wine needs a soft supple container. Jesus is illustrating the transition from the Old Covenant based on the Law of Moses, to the New Covenant in His Blood based on forgiveness of sin through the grace and mercy of our Father.

The old wineskin would burst open and the wine be lost. So it is with the gospel of truth and our souls. The Old Testament Law was strict and rigid the New Testament Grace flows spontaneously. So God is saying that a person who is born again, baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit would be a pliable flexible wineskin able to contain the new wine without bursting open.

We need to flow in the power, anointing, gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit against which there is no law. Those who are under the Law are the old wineskins, which are completely inflexible and unable to contain the new wine without splitting open.

Jesus writes His commands on each heart and they are tailor-made for each person, and not on tablets of stone, when the same commands applied generally to everyone. When Jesus died His last words were "It is finished" and He meant the Law was finally done away and we are forgiven of all sin. The time for the New Wine has come in His Blood.

Many Christians have decided to reject their salvation by Jesus and live as Jews under the law. They still believe they are saved but will have to give account to the Righteous Judge for the choice they made. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father thank You that the Law is past and we can live by Grace. Please confirm to me that I am truly a new wineskin ready to be filled with Your bubbly new wine. In Jesus' name. Amen.