Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Light of the World

Scripture: Acts 26 v 13-15;  John 1 v 1 - 13.


The light of Jesus shining through us is brighter than the noonday sun! In Acts that light shone on the Apostle Paul as he travelled to Damascus with letters of authority to throw into prison all followers of Jesus. That light pinned him to the ground and he heard the voice of Jesus speaking to him. Jesus asked Paul why he was persecuting Him. Paul asked "Who are You Lord?" And heard the words "I am Jesus!"

This powerful experience turned Paul into the most powerful Christian in the Bible. This same incredible light shone into our darkness and brought us to salvation. This Light of Jesus penetrated to our deepest heart and revealed our hidden dark sins, convicting us and bringing us to judgment. When we confessed our sinful deeds and were washed in the Blood of the Lamb we could enter into the Throneroom as born again children of God. 

Our life's task is to shine this light of Jesus for others to find Him. It opens their eyes and hearts that even the most hardened person finds it irresistible. Every time we back away and decide not to shine our light on someone who we think undeserving of salvation or too sinful to listen, we lose some of our own glow and become less effective for Jesus. Our light cannot be hid unless we hide it with fear, compromise, pride, bitterness or judgment of others. There was an outstanding example of a Russian pastor in Communist Russia who was imprisoned and tortured daily in Siberia for preaching the gospel. In that prison they had to keep bringing in fresh torturers because Pastor Richard Wurmbrand shone the Light in that place so powerfully that even his torturers got saved! He used to thank them for torturing him being grateful that he was found worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus!

This same man went to India and watched as Hindus ran through a pit of hot coals to worship their gods. They taunted him that his God could not stop him burning his feet if he tried it. He took off his socks and shoes, rolled up his trousers and with Bible in hand stood in that pit of fiery coals and preached the gospel to them for 45 minutes. Everyone of them got saved. He had not even a blister on his feet. His body radiated with the light and power of Jesus. How will you shine for Jesus today and every day to let the sinners know that Jesus lives?

Prayer: Abba Father we appreciate You! We bow down to Your perfect light. We are poor and humble vessels through which You choose to pour your Light upon a dying world but use us anyway You can to bring eternal life to those dead in their sins. Change us Father into more willing light-bearers than we have been till now. Give us boldness to share our faith no matter what the consequences. We love You Father and we love Jesus. Thank You for the Holy Spirit who guides and teaches us all things. Amen.