Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Accursed Thing

Scripture: Joshua 7 v 3-13.

Joshua is busy conquering the tribes that dwelt in the Promised Land. After the death of Moses the mantle of responsibility for Israel's progress into the Land was laid on his shoulders.  Along the way one of their number, Achan, had disobeyed the Lord by taking an idol of the spoils of an enemy tribe and hiding it in his belongings.

The next battle is against Ai, a small tribe, and Joshua decides to send a smaller force of 2000 - 3000 men to deal with them. To his shock and dismay Israel is decisively beaten and he falls to the ground weeping before the Ark of God trying to discover why the power of God had deserted them on the battlefield. 

The Lord has no pity for him and says that Israel have sinned and taken a cursed thing into their midst and because of this they had no power against their enemies.

The Lord says that disobedience ties His hands and He has made it very clear in His Word and dealings with Israel and with us that if we obey Him He withholds nothing from us but if we disobey a curse blocks us from receiving His blessings.

Have you got something in your possession that the Lord frowns on? If you are unable to overcome a problem in your life ask the Lord to show you if you have hidden an accursed thing in your home or if you have been disobedient or sinned in some way. 

Strange idols include African carvings - especially masks, drums or heads;  all porn; illegal drugs; statues of Buddha, Hindu, Jesus, Mary, or Joseph. Books of the Occult, Mormon Bible, DvD's of witchcraft and occult related content.  Music cd's of Heavy Metal or Death Metal; Trance, most Rap have very dark lyrics and music with serious deep base tones. In Ezekiel 28 Lucifer, before he became Satan, was known as the one whose entire being was created in a musical dimension. It is one of his most constant influences on the human race. When Lucifer fell the whole spectrum of music fell with him. He wants us in trance so he can control our minds and emotions in areas of drugs, sex, rape and violence. Think on these things.

If your family or finances or health is under stress get rid of the accursed thing that is blocking the Lord's blessing from your life.

Prayer: O Lord God forgive me for hiding the accursed thing in my goods. Cleanse my home, family, car, office and life of this evil and wash me in the Blood of Jesus. Amen.