Saturday, 1 June 2013

The New Covenant

Scriptures: Jeremiah 31 v 31-33; Hebrews 9 v 14-16.


God announced to Israel through the Prophet Jeremiah that He was going to make a new covenant with the House of Israel because they had broken the first covenant and were unable to keep it. The original covenant was based on the Law of Moses and written on tablets of stone.

The Law could make no one a better person. It could simply show man's inability to live up to God's standards. The Law proved that man was sinful but could not change his sinful state, just punish him for it.

The New Covenant is based on the sacrifice of Jesus and His shed Blood which is the only thing that removes sin - and it removes the punishment of death too, completely.

The sin that God will judge us on, on the Day of Judgment is found in John 3 v 18 - "But he that believeth on Him (Jesus) is not condemned; but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."

You will not be asked how many people you led to Jesus; how big your Church is or how many missionaries you sponsored; you will be asked by God the Father, "Do you believe in My Son Jesus?" If you answer Yes, God will turn to Jesus and ask, "Is his name in the Book of Life?" And if Jesus answers, "I never knew you." End of discussion.

So the New Covenant is about the grace, mercy and forgiveness of God upon the whole human race. Those who accept this gracious amnesty have all sins forgiven and their names written in the Book of Life. Those that don't, don't.

The New Covenant is also called a Testament. A Testament is a Will in which a person or persons will inherit when the Testator has died. God's Testament was made valid when God the Son died. We need to know what we have inherited.

If you were named a beneficiary when your billionaire Father died, would you neglect to read the will? Wouldn't you be keen to pore over every clause to make sure you did not miss that which was due to you?  Well, if you want to know what you inherited when Jesus died, you need to thoroughly read and understand the Will.

Read the New Testament! Its your complete inheritance. The Testator died to make it valid for all the beneficiaries to receive their inheritance. There are many rewards and some terms and conditions that apply. All those who believe in Jesus are born again, which is your right to inherit everything God has for you.

The terms and conditions of the Old Testament have been cancelled and made null and void. There are many who are foolishly trying to fulfil those terms and will one day find that it counted for nothing. All these neglected to believe in Jesus the Son of God. He does not know them either. The entitlement to inherit is based on your relationship to the Testator. No personal relationship, no mention in the will.

How many of you expect to inherit from Bill Gates one day? Not many! This is because he does not know you. Your name is not on his list of contacts. You are not a relative or close friend. He never knew you!

So forget your human rights and look at your divine rights. Read the will and find out how rich you are on Earth and much more when you get to Heaven.
Prayer: Father God Some of us have missed Your wonderful blessings by neglecting to read and study Your Word. I pray that they will have a hunger to know all You have promised to Your children and share this wonderful knowledge with others. In Jesus' name. Amen