Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Counterfeit Kingdom.

Scripture: Revelation 4 v 1- 4; James 4 v 7; Isaiah 47 v 13 - 15 (astrology); Daniel 1 v 19-20.

John sees a door opening in Heaven which means he is having a strong vision of God's Kingdom, and he hears a voice like the sound of a trumpet saying Come up here. (The first time I heard the audible voice of God I thought it sounded like a voice spoken through a megaphone!)

John is caught up to Heaven and sees a throne with One sitting upon it with a glowing rainbow round it. Around the Throne are 24 elders sitting on seats.  This is Jesus together with the 12 patriarchs of the tribes of Israel and the 12 Apostles of the Lamb.

John would have seen himself seated there in Spirit.

When Satan fell from Heaven he set up his own dark, counterfeit kingdom with him on the throne and his own 24 elders. His New Age symbol of the fake 5 coloured rainbow is round his throne. His 24 elders are ruling demons that are over the 12 signs of the Zodiac and 12 months of the year (called names of Roman mythological gods.)

That means that if you subscribe to believing that the characteristics that describe a Gemini or a Libra person are true and accurate and that astrology and astrological charts are accurate you are in agreement with Satan and his demons as to your life and destiny.

Satan whose every thought is your utter destruction as this is the only way he can hurt our Father. If your child is suffering what would you not do to take its place?  Jesus came to do just that as He is God, and He took all our pain, sin, sickness, trauma upon Himself so that we could be free.

Satan cannot originate anything he always takes and twists what God has said to control or hurt us if we let him. Jesus has given us authority over the evil one. We do not have to receive the boxes of trouble he sends us. We can and should say RETURN TO SENDER!  When you feel flu coming on you can reject it. You can say NO to it. Or you can tell everyone I'm going down with flu. I am agreeing with Satan's plan to derail me for ten days. You have a free will to choose whom you will agree with. Jesus says BY MY STRIPES (39 lashes on His Back) you are healed! Satan says have flu, SARS, HIV/Aids, Bird Flu, Diabetes, Arthritis and we head to doctors for confirmation, diagnosis, prescription and conform to the enemy when we don't have to!

He twists Godly Prophecy into divination and fortune telling; Miracles into Magic; Love into Lust; Faith into fear; truth into lies. His kingdom is a complete counterfeit of Heaven and very deadly to humans. There are many devious twists and turns that only Jesus knows how to navigate for us so follow Him closely!

Fortune tellers and psychics give you negative information and if you believe their words your faith in them will cause those things to happen. You will then glorify those people who are so accurate in predicting death and sickness. The demons that control the psychics bind your soul ever tighter with their lies.

All the world lies in darkness which is Satan's counterfeit of Light. Jesus is the Light and when He lights up your life the darkness flees.

Prayer: Heavenly Father teach us about Heaven and warn us when we wander too close to Hell. Teach us to distance ourselves from the counterfeit kingdom which is filled with so much evil. Help our children to learn the truth from us at an early age so that they will be prepared to resist the arsenal of drugs, gangs, music that needs Parental Advisory warnings, free sex that leads to bondage and STD's, and rather to know the truth which will keep them free.  In Jesus' name. Amen.