Monday, 3 June 2013

The Sons of Sceva

Scripture: Acts 19v13-17; Mark 5; Luke 10 v 17 - 20. 

If you ever need an example of how not to perform exorcism this should fit the bill perfectly. These men were the seven sons of a Jewish exorcist called Sceva. They were not followers of Jesus but had seen Paul casting out demons in His name and decided to try this at home!

They had a man who was possessed and they called on the name of Jesus, and mentioned that Paul preached about Him, as back up to their exorcism. The demon was not fooled by them and spoke through the one they were trying to help. He said he was very aware of Jesus and he knew Paul but he also knew these 7 sons had no spiritual authority over him. He said to them, "Who do you think you are?"

Only saints (born again Christians) cleansed of sin by the Blood of Jesus have authority over Satan and his demons. It is vital to have this power which helps us overcome all evil and control our environment in the love, peace and joy of Jesus.

Many people who need deliverance from oppression are deeply hurt by inexperienced Christians who enjoy chasing demons but neglect to concentrate on setting the captive free. Jesus was always mindful of the oppressed person and sent demons away quickly and spent time restoring the victim. We should follow His example.

These 7 sons of Sceva were overcome and defeated by that evil spirit because they were not born again. The demon flew at them and they ran from that house wounded, naked and bleeding.  Jesus works with those who are His to keep sickness and demonic oppression away from us.  

I too had to be set free of some oppressive spirits, which was such a wonderful release, especially from the Spirit of Rejection which came into me in the womb when my birth mother gave me up for adoption and this demon had bothered me all my life. It caused me to never be able to know that I was capable of being loved, even by God.

So there is a huge need for effective deliverance from experienced ministers who put the oppressed person first and dealing with demons next. There are very few people who are completely free of demons. Because of the way I was bound by them I became determined to learn how to help others and how to inform people that there is permanent help for addicts, alcoholics, sex offenders, witches, satanists, murderers, thieves and others whom satan has bound with his evil spirits.

It is recommended that you avoid those who are like the Sons of Sceva who do more harm than good to themselves and others in exorcisms that are frightening.

Trust Jesus to lead you to the right person if you have need of deliverance. 

Prayer: Father God teach me to pray to set the prisoners free and to handle spiritual matters correctly so that I may do good and not harm. If I need help, Father show me where to go.  In Jesus' name. Amen.