Friday, 12 July 2013

The Gifts of Healing

Scriptures: Isaiah 53 v 4 - 5; 1 Corinthians 12 v 7 - 11.


One of the predominant problems troubling human beings is sickness and disease, and also the fear of strange, deadly viruses with no cure in sight.  However, Jesus has an answer to every kind of illness - the terrible lashes on His back before His Crucifixion.

He received 40 lashes minus one = 39 lashes that ripped His flesh to the bone. Each one of those lashes covers a category of the 39 branches of diseases known today.  And He made healing available for all of them to this very day and beyond. He took ALL types of illness on Himself right through to death to give us healing and life. Why did He do that?

The root of most sickness is our sinfulness. When Jesus healed people He would say, Sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you. Or take up your bed and walk, your sins are forgiven. So forgiveness of sin and healing of disease are joined together.  Likewise if we don't forgive others neither does God forgive us and that bitterness in our souls opens us up for various nasty diseases like cancer, alcoholism, drug addiction, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

We do not want a worse thing to come upon us! People do not know about this truth out in the world which is why epidemics flash through them. And strange viruses hit them. It is because they have never met Jesus Christ and been cleansed by His Blood of ALL SIN FOREVER. 

Intercessors take on the burdens of others and may appear to be ill while they break the power of sin and sickness in others through prayer.  Romans 15 v 1 says the strong must bear the burdens of the weak. The word to "intercede" means to take the place of another. Jesus was our great Intercessor because He took our place on the Cross. The wages of sin is death and He took the sin of the world on Himself to set us free.

Jesus is our Healer! Jesus inside our hearts heals those who need it. We do not have a healing ministry but we have His gifts of healing to deliver to those who believe. He also heals some unbelievers to reveal Himself to them.  Satan is the enemy of God and all mankind. He brought death to the human race and all things that cause death. God is the lifegiver who breathed life into man and made him a living being. John 10 v 10 "The thief comes to kill, maim and destroy, I am come to give you life, and that more abundantly." The words of Jesus explaining that Satan is a thief who wants to kill.

John G. Lake, an American missionary filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, came to South Africa in the early 1900's and was in an area struck by bubonic plague that killed thousands. His American friends sailed to South Africa as they were sure he had died. He showed them a fresh corpse of one who had died of plague and took spittle from its mouth - the most infectious substance - and smeared it on his hand. He showed them the germs dying as they came in contact with his flesh, through a microscope. Christ in us the hope of glory.

If you are filled with the Holy Spirit you are a new creation not subject to the system of this world. You are in it but not of it. You are not under the law of sin but the blessing of grace. You are counted sinless and therefore free of disease too.

Many are ignorant of this sinlessness and grace. In Hosea 4 v 6 God says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Read "Ignorance is not Bliss" on blog for further information.) If you are a believer who is baptized in the Holy Spirit you walk as Jesus walked on this Earth. He is in you reconciling the world to His Father and giving them everlasting life. A life of an overcomer. That means you have overcome sin, demons, issues, alcohol, drugs, sickness, religion, fear, and unbelief, and walk in newness of life. What Jesus did on Earth He will continue to do through you because it is "no longer I that liveth but Christ who liveth in me!" 

Prayer: Heavenly Father please renew our minds according to Your holy Word to know who we are in Christ Jesus and to live like overcomers because He overcame the world system to show us how. In Jesus' name. Amen.