Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Seven Spirits of God

Scripture: Revelations 1 v 4; 3 v 1; 4 v 5.

The Revelation of John given by the Holy Spirit starts with a revelation of how Jesus looks in his glorified body (Rev. 1v 12-17) which is a profound comparison with who Daniel saw in Daniel 10 v 5-9.

John mentions the Seven Spirits that are before the Throne of Almighty God three times. Much emphasis is upon the number 7 in the first few chapters of Revelations. Jesus speaks of seven churches; seven stars; seven golden candlesticks; and the seven spirits before God.

In chapter 4 v 5 ".....and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the Seven Spirits of God."

I believe these Seven are the different anointings that go forth from the throne of God to empower God's people whether Jews or Christians throughout the ages. My views are not written in stone and are an interpretation.

The anointing that caused the Creation of all things would be first. Then the judgment anointing that destroyed first two cities called Sodom and Gomorrah, and then the Flood to wipe out all but 8 persons and pairs of all created animals. This anointing would also be evident in the Great White Throne judgment after the Seventh Millenium.  

The anointing of forming Israel and not allowing that Holy Land to fall to her enemies as was promised - Enabling Moses to lead the Jews towards it for forty years by mighty miracles against Pharoah. This anointing would also enable God to restore Israel to her own land in 1948 after 1900 years being scattered over the whole world.

The Messianic anointing that brought Jesus Christ to be manifest on this Earth to fulfil 333 Old Testament prophecies from the virgin birth; His place of birth; His death for sinners; and every aspect of His life. This anointing produced many miracles, many people healed, people raised from the dead, great truth preached about salvation and Heaven.

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit given after 50 days (Pentecost) from Jesus' death  - the promise of the Father - to bring salvation and to empower Christians to witness for Jesus and to wisely use the 9 gifts to bring healing and miracles to those who need it. It will fully blossom in the last great revival in powerful evangelism, prophecy and many miracles, bringing in the great harvest of souls to the Kingdom of God. 

The 6th anointing will force Satan to manifest fully as the Antichrist on Earth in the Great Tribulation where his true colours will be seen for the last 7 years. He will know he has a short time and his utterly evil nature and hatred for all God's creation will be on full display.

The final anointing is for the Rapture of all born again Spirit filled Christians to be caught up to Heaven to meet Jesus in the air and to ever be with the Lord. This coincides with the testimony of the two prophets in Revelation 11 - Resulting in the  rescue of Israel during the Battle of Armageddon - and the ushering in of the final Millenium of rest and restoration in peace.

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Prayer: Father God we so long to be in Heaven with You to look upon the things which John saw in Revelations. He never explained the Seven Spirits before Your throne and I trust I got this right. Your power has gone forth to accomplish all these things and Your Word never returns to You void. Please let the reader understand the truth. In Jesus' name. Amen.