Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wars and Fighting

Scripture: James 4 v 1 - 8; Revelation 12 v 7 - 9; Isaiah 6; Isaiah 14 v 9 - 17. 


The first war started in Heaven when Lucifer the Archangel became that old serpent the Dragon, Satan, and the Archangel Michael with his angels fought against him. This is recorded in Revelations 12 and says that Satan lost the battle and no longer had a place in Heaven.

This was a battle for supremacy when Satan declared that he would exalt his throne above the stars of God. This was brought to Isaiah's memory and faithfully reported in Isaiah 6 and 14. The first war on Earth started when the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah wanted to abuse the angels in Lot's house. God rescued Lot and his family before destroying those two places with fire and brimstone.

The next war was declared by Pharoah when the Israelites left Egypt. He and his army came after them but God rescued the Hebrews by opening the Red Sea for them and closing it over Pharoah and his troops.

More wars awaited the Jews as they tried to enter the Promised Land of Canaan which was occupied by stronger forces than themselves. They had to overcome all the tribes until they could safely dwell in the Land of Israel.

Even now the leaders of Israel and Palestine are in negotiations in America to divide God's heritage and return part of it to those to whom it never belonged. Those who refuse to even let Israel exist as a nation and who believe that killing a Jew brings glory to God.   Those who declared war on Israel the day in 1948 when the United Nations granted the Jews right to return to the Holy Land and live there in safety after Hitler's holocaust.

Another war looms called Armageddon when all the nations of the world will send in an army of 200 million people to utterly destroy Israel. When will they ever learn about God's love for His chosen people? Jesus will appear on the Plains or Meggido and slay 66% of this huge army in one second. 132,000,000 will die immediately, the rest will flee.

All wars are about territory, human rights or religion. They are based on people's lust and greed. Nations covet what other nations have in the form of precious resources like gold and diamonds or oil.

The ongoing terrorism in the world is largely because of Islamic extremism demanding that their religion and god be the only ruler over the whole Earth. There is absolutely no free will or freedom in this religion. Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forces no one to accept His Son Jesus as the true Messiah of the Jews and Saviour of the world.

Human rights are set in opposition to God's power and authority. He tells us to discipline our children with acceptable corporal punishment. Human rights says you may never spank a child. It ensures that nations of rioters and violent looters are our heritage. It is happening all over the world. Soccer violence, protestors who get out of control, civil war in Arab countries. It is not the way set out in the Bible. 

The Holy Bible clearly states the truth and is the Manufacturers Handbook. He created us and He knows how to fix us if we follow the directions the Bible gives us. If we tried to repair our washing machine with the handbook for the motor vehicle we will make a right mess of it. So the proper Book written by our God through the vessels of His choosing should be adhered to at all times.

Wars and calamities will come but those who are part of God's family will always be secure in Him.

Prayer: Heavenly Father  we cannot stop the wars and the fighting but You are our refuge and our strong tower. Protect us from the seen and unseen enemies that seek after our souls and keep us in the peace that passes all understanding. In Jesus' name. Amen.