Friday, 2 August 2013

Secret of Success

Scripture: Joshua 1v 3 - 9; Proverbs 3 v 1 - 12.                                


The promises God made to Joshua of success through obedience apply to us as well, and not only materially but spiritually as well. The closer we get to Jesus through obedience and submission so will He have a very personal relationship with us. He will make us invincible,  and continually victorious.

He exhorts us to be bold and courageous in our faith, to be steadfast and unwavering in our commitment and then we shall prosper in every way. Doing daily Bible study, heeding and applying the Word of God to our daily lives will bring good success. Jesus will be with us every step of the way.

Joshua was a powerful leader because he applied the Word of God to every aspect of his life and to the people he was leading. God chose him, and Aaron's son, Caleb, to bring the Jews into the Promised Land. Much of that land has gone from Israel now but God's promises are binding forever and there will come a day when all the land stretching to the Euphrates River will be restored to her.

Of all the wonderful words in this passage in Proverbs 3 the ones that touch me the deepest are - lean not to your own understanding. Every baby born should have these words learnt by heart. The biggest trap for man is trying to 'do it my way'. My will over God's will. What I think compared with what God knows. We have a free will. God forces no one to acknowledge Him unlike satan the gatecrasher-in-chief. But those who surrender their will to Jesus know joy unspeakable and full of glory. Those who entangle themselves with satan have hell on Earth.

So doing it 'my way' or 'doing your own thing' is really satan's way which leads to many troubles and afflictions. So learn God's wisdom which is a treasure without price. Prayer: Father God, I want to be a humble person like Joshua acknowledging You and Your Word as divine wisdom. Be with me always and teach me Your ways. Today I know myself and see myself in Your eyes. I am but a fool whenever I choose my will over Yours because You only want the very best for me. Help me to know and do Your will moment by moment for that is true success. In Jesus' name. Amen.