Thursday, 29 August 2013

Music, Music, Music

Scripture: Ezekiel 28 v 13 - 15; Daniel 3 v 1 - 6.


Music and love and money make the world go round. They are three great influences on human life. In some cases they are inseparable. We need to examine the way we are influenced and whether our God is blessed by it.

Music has a power to reach our soul and cause us to be emotional. Scary movie makers enhance the fear factor by having creepy music playing in the background creating spine-tingling emotion while monsters prowl and hunt their prey. If you watched the same scene without the music it would affect you differently.

In Ezekiel we learn that Lucifer, before his fall, had music as part of his make up. He was the Archangel over all the music and praise of Heaven. When he fell the blessed harmony of heavenly music fell with him. He, as Satan, now uses music to brainwash and manipulate human beings.

Around the time of the original Woodstock Music Festival certain bands were boasting that if they played certain chords and riffs it would cause the hearers to either take drugs of have sexual relations or both within minutes.

I have personally seen and prayed with people who have been seriously and negatively affected by Rap music over years of listening to the foul lyrics accompanied by a rhythm and beat that will lull their instincts causing them to be brainwashed. Their personality begins to change to be like gangsters, rapists, haters and demeaners of women, thieves and ghetto rats. We pray for our chikdren to have a real encounter with Jesus and let them listen non stop to antichrist music and wonder why our prayers never get answered.

Heavy Metal rock music and the harsher forms of it like Death Metal and Speed Metal is severely blasphemous against our God. The satanic lifestyle of bands like KISS, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth et al causes the young listeners to become equally rebellious and open to the Occult and witchcraft.

These are just a few types of music that cause people to fall into evil lifestyles but we need to know what is influencing our beloved children to reject the Gospel of Jesus for drug-fuelled Raves.

In Daniel Nebuchanezzar became an evil power over music by making a statue of himself and commanding all people to worship this image when any kind of music was played. Anyone who refused would be cast into a fiery furnace. We know that Jesus appeared in the midst of this furnace when 3 Hebrew men refused to submit to idolatry. Not a scorch mark or burn or even smell of smoke was upon them and Nebuchadnezzar learnt the error of his ways. (Read blog "The Fourth Man").

Music will never cease but if parents do not take control of what their children enjoy listening to and teach them truth from error they will reap a harvest of pain when their offspring follow the path of least resistance. The culture of drug addiction is a tidal wave of evil that never subsides over this world. Prevention is infinitely better than cure.

In Ephesians 5 v 19 we are encouraged to speak to ourselves in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord. In Psalms it says that God dwells in the praises of His people and when we have the high praises of God in our heart and mouth He will bind the satanic kings and defeat them. (Psalm 149).

This is what the enemy does not like to hear as he knows the very truth of how praising God destroys his kingdom. So teach your children songs of praise and let them grow up in the knowledge of their mighty King Jesus instead of being indoctrinated into the pathway to hell through your indifference.

Prayer: Heavenly Father You warn us throughout Your Word not to erect or worship idols and the wrong music creates that very evil in our midst. Forgive us our errors and indifference and ignorance and teach us to be vigilant so our families can be united in Your kingdom forever. In Jesus' name. Amen.