Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pre-Incarnate Jesus and Glorified Christ

Scriptures: Genesis 1 v 26; Exodus 3 v 2, 14; Ezekiel 1 v 26 - 28; Daniel 9 v 21 - 22; Daniel 10 v 5 - 17; Revelation 1 v 10 - 18.


Paul had an encounter with Jesus after His ascension into Heaven which changed the way he viewed Him. He said - From now onwards we know no man after the flesh but after the spirit. He had seen the glorified Christ in His Heavenly body. He realised that if we all are being changed into the glorified likeness of Jesus then our flesh is corrupt and worthless.

John also saw the glorified Christ and described Him in Revelation 1 - if we compare that description with who Ezekiel and Daniel saw the similarities are startling.

They saw a man in a linen garment with a golden girdle across his chest; his eyes were a flame of fire; his feet like burnished brass and his voice like a trumpet or waterfall. They all fell at his feet like dead men and heard his kindness and love.

In Colossians 1 v 13 - 20 we learn that Jesus Christ created all things in heaven and on Earth, visible and invisible.....all things were created by Him. So in Genesis 1 v 26 God says "Let us make man in our image...." And we know that Jesus was present on Earth at the time of the Creation. The theory of Evolution is still unproven and hotly debated. I choose to believe the Word of God over any word of man. I was taken to Heaven into the bosom of the Father before the Earth or heavens were formed. I saw it with my own eyes and heard the words from the mouth of God when I was taken up to before time was and shown the things written about in 10 visions published in this blog.

In Exodus at the burning bush Moses saw the I AM. It was the pre-incarnate (ie before He was born as a baby) Son of God. Isaiah heard God in heaven in Isaiah 6 asking Who shall go for us? It was the council in Heaven making the plan to rescue the kidnapped Bride from the clutches of Satan.

This whole plan is confirmed in every book of the Bible. The response to God's question was "I AM!" God's Son declared He was going to be the Ransom for her.

Moses and Isaiah were present in that council chamber, as was David, Daniel, Paul, John, Peter and others.  David remembered the cry of Jesus as He left Heaven "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?" He wrote it in Psalm 22. Jesus spoke those words again on the Cross when He became Sin for all mankind. 

The mighty men who wrote the Bible under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit were in the council chamber of God after the abduction of the Bride. Moses knew at the burning bush exactly who was present. The words "I AM that I AM" were a signal across the realms, like a sleeper (hidden spy agent in a foreign country) waking up to his proper role.

Moses the pampered Prince of Egypt became the Deliverer of the Jews, the very one Satan had tried to kill through Pharoah murdering every boy child under the age of two.

Daniel in chapter 9 had an encounter with the angel Gabriel who had no visible emotional effect upon him. In chapter 10 however the presence of the pre-incarnate Jesus was profound. Jesus had come to give him information that was to be kept secret till it was the time of the end. That is now. Paul and John were given the same secret "mystery of the ages" and which John heard when the seven thunders uttered. After my long fast the Lord told me what the seven thunders uttered and what Paul and Daniel had to seal. It is written in the 10 visions if you have a desire to know.

Receiving the revelation of what happened in Heaven before the World was formed and how everything happening now is related to it has profoundly changed me. I cannot unsee the vision and cannot unknow the effects. It has made me very aware that the world as we know it will shortly change and that the sooner we make ourselves completely submitted to the glorified Christ the better our lives will be.

The Lord has already begun the process of sorting the sheep from the goats. You need to prepare yourselves to help those who would be sheep, and make sure they are safe and secure in Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Father God it is not Your will that any should lose their place in Heaven. Your plan has always been to rescue the Bride (Israel) and the Body of Christ (Church) from this Earth. Help us to help one another to get home safely. In Jesus' name. Amen.