Friday, 27 September 2013

Why God Hated Esau

Scriptures: Romans 9 v 10 - 14; Hebrews 12 v 14-16; Obadiah v 1 - 21.

One of the patriarchs of Israel was Jacob, son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham. Jacob had an 'older' twin brother called Esau who sold his birthright or inheritance to Jacob for a plate of food.

Esau was a cunning, extremely hairy and greedy man. He was a hunter and given to violence. Jacob was a man who lived a simple Godly life.  Our God looks onto the heart of man and discerns motives and intentions and what He saw in Esau was the gross nature of the unsaved man.

Our God seeks those who are humble and have a contrite heart. Those who are truly remorseful will find mercy with Him. Even in our courts today the judge looks to see if a guilty man has shown remorse for his criminal deeds. The harshest prison sentence is given when there is no remorse. This is made worse when the evildoer brags and gloats about his deeds.

God's judgment on Esau in Obadiah starts with His word against Edom and the Edomites. Edom was the tribe that grew from Esau. He hated the way they rejoiced when Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, went through trials and tribulations.

God loves Jacob for his submission and meekness, and hates the rebellion and pride of Esau. God was busy separating a group of people born from Jacob who would be called by His name. They would be known as the Israelites, the apple of His eye.

Esau and Jacob were twins with equal environmental opportunities but who were total opposites of each other. Rebecca, their mother, loved Jacob more than Esau. She would have known Esau had sold his birthright to Jacob but she made sure Jacob inherited the blessing through fooling the dying Isaac as to his identity. She covered Jacob's hands with goathair so that blind Isaac would think he was bestowing his final blessing on Esau.

In our Christian lives today we need to be sure we are not following Esau into the pit of Hell. Are we selling our birthright of salvation into the greedy, cunning hands of the apostate church? Are we exchanging the blessing of eternal life for everlasting shame. Esau carefully sought repentance for what he had done and never found it.

I am praying with more and more people who have been soul-damaged by false doctrines abounding in the church today. Some see the light. Some get sucked right back in.

I, and many others, can only help those who sincerely want to change to be like Jesus. Some have set their standards too low and are easy prey for the agents of satan who wish to destroy true faith.

The rise of homosexuality in the Church is a sign of how far we have fallen if it does not distress us. God calls it an abomination and condemns those who practice it to hell. Read about it in Jude v 6 - 13. It concludes with......foaming out their own shame for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.

We cannot sympathize with gay rights and feel pity for them. Jesus can set them free of their lust and forgive their sins like all who come to Him with sincere repentance will receive. But we are asked to accept this sin as acceptable and be party to it. God forbid. 

This serious error is only one of many that have put many denominations on the broad way that leads to destruction. We need to re-examine our hearts and direction diligently to be sure we are on the strait and narrow way that leads to life. We will be mocked and scoffed at but so was Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Father God we face many temptations today to succumb to mediocrity and to slide into error. Many never get to even hear the truth. Change us O Lord to walk in Your ways and live the life of joy You have promised us. In Jesus' name. Amen.