Saturday, 9 November 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan

Scripture: Matthew 24 v 4 - 8; John 3 v 29; Ephesians 1 v 2 - 6.


It takes courage to say things that people do not want to hear or even consider. Why has the Phillipine city of Tacloban with 225,000 citizens suffered such heavy damage with many lives lost? It is devastating that as many as 10,000 have perished.  Some areas are unreachable and the numbers of those displaced is still growing.  Crops have been wiped out too.  This typhoon and its aftermath are being compared to the destructive tsunami that affected large areas of Asia at the end of 2004.

Its a wake up call to the rest of us! The words Jesus spoke to His disciples concerning the signs that will herald His return and the end of this world are happening all around us more and more frequently. 

You must either agree with Jesus Christ and believe the truth of the Bible or stick your head in the sand and be wiped out by the next tsunami coming to a beach near you. Or storm, earthquake, landslide, pestilence, famine, drought, financial disaster, anarchy, war, meteor strike......

It causes people to live in fear and increase their insurance policies. However, Jesus said to His followers, "Fear not, for all these things must happen but the end is not yet." Jesus called these the birth pangs that would bring on the final showdown between Himself and Satan.

What is the showdown over? It is over Jesus' Bride! Consider who we are. We believers are the BODY OF JESUS CHRIST! His Body. Jesus is the HEAD of the BODY! Together the Head and the Body make The BRIDEGROOM.

When the Rapture take place it means all members of His Body ie born again believers leave Earth in an instant to meet Jesus in the air to be joined together, united and made into one whole being = the Bridegroom.

The marriage feast starts without the Bride. The Bridegroom must collect her from where she is waiting with her oilfilled lamp in the window. Satan has her surrounded with enemies of all nations going to destroy Her in the Battle of Armageddon.

Her name is Israel, the Apple of His Eye,  His Chosen. His Bride. Remember John the Baptist in John3 v 29 saying that he rejoiced at hearing the Bridegroom's voice! He was referring to Jesus as He was introduced to Israel for the first time on Earth as the Lamb of God!

Satan kidnapped Her when he was expelled from Heaven to use as leverage. This is a revelation given to me many years ago. I have written the whole of it in 10 visions on this blog starting with "Whom God Foreknew". 

Everything that has happened on this planet has been in preparation for this showdown for Jesus to save His Bride, Israel, from the final destruction. This remnant who make up the Bride consists of those Jews who believe that Jesus is their Messiah  The Messianic Jews; Jews for Jesus; are the ones who are the true Israel.

So as Satan tries to destroy this planet before all these things come to pass its good to know why we are suffering global warming (fires of hell getting hotter); climate change (Jesus getting nearer); the big divide between pure Christianity and the strange evil mix of Interfaith adherents.

Superstorm Sandy, the big earthquakes and tsunamis, Super Typhoon Haiyan and other phenomenon are the curtain raisers to the Great Tribulation. They will come more often and with greater intensity as that insane loser, Satan, tries one last gamble to outwit Almighty God. The back of the Book says Jesus wins.

I am very mindful of the suffering and loss of life that causes much sorrow. Jesus says the culprit is Satan who comes to kill, steal and destroy. Satan started this rebellion in Heaven before time existed. It has taken all this time to bring it to a head.

Where will you be when the battle is over?

Prayer: Heavenly Father You have done everything to stir our memories of where we came from and who we really are. The enemy filled our souls with lies about You. You sent Jesus to bring us the Truth. May His Body know Him and His Bride believe Him and may many be saved. In Jesus' name. Amen.