Monday, 12 January 2015

Wayne's Testimony - Deliverance from False Doctrines

Wayne's Testimony


Deliverance from false doctrines.


As I grew up, I always attended church through the influence of my parents.

I accepted the Lord Jesus' salvation in high school through the witness of some guys in my school.

I attended Christian Family Church in Johannesburg where I enjoyed the church and the youth group. I met a young lady and we began dating.

The Pastor became involved more and more with some American preachers and amongst other things the doctrine of Commissioning of Angels became common practice (this is where you send out angels to do things for you; find a partner/job, get an increase in pay, etc etc, basically to make your life easy).

This seemed to work for a while but soon things turned ugly. My girlfriend's parents and brother, were tragically killed in a car accident. After we got married  I had an affair with another woman, who also fellowshipped at Christan Family Church. My wife and I  separated and I ran away to East London. I got involved with a rough crowd. I realized that I was in a bad state and farther from the Lord than I had ever been in my life. I was crying out to the Lord, but did not know how to get my life back on track.

In 1991, my estranged wife responded to an advert Brenda placed in several suburban newspapers for a Christian Diary, which she published.  She was the only person who purchased a Diary from that particular advert!  My wife insisted on picking it up personally rather than having it mailed! By talking to her, Brenda soon realised that there were issues. She ministered to her, and then both of them began to pray for me. A lot.

About four months later my wife came to East London so that we could discuss the way forward. It wasn't going well!  My wife called Brenda and asked for help then Brenda phoned me, and although I had never met her or spoken to her before, I recognised that voice!

It was like an old friend that suddenly contacted me. It was as though I had a breath of fresh, pure air. I was so blown away by the experience, but I recognised that the Lord was ministering to me through Brenda.

She exposed the false doctrine of Commissioning of Angels (and other stuff that comes in as a result) and delivered me from the demons that invade us through belief in this false doctrine (which originated in the Rhema Church in Dallas, Texas in the early 1980's).

I responded powerfully to the counselling ministry and that very day my wife and I were reconciled and she came down to live with me in East London bringing Brenda with her for some more prayer and deliverance. 

We obviously had many things to work out, and I had to be extricated from the bad company I was in, but as we stood together, prayed and trusted the Lord, He worked it all out.

I can truly say that my life was saved by Jesus through Brenda's ministry and the fervent prayer of my wife who never gave up hope through that 18 month ordeal. Praise Jesus for being the Saviour that the Bible says He is. I am so grateful to be forgiven by my dear wife and by Jesus. I did not deserve such love and kindness after what I put her through.

Through Brenda's ministry I have grown in knowledge and faith and my relationship with God our Father, Jesus and the precious Holy Spirit has been restored.

I thank you Brenda for always pointing us to Jesus and His Word. May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you and His ministry through you until He comes to collect His own. I pray that you would continue to run the race and not be weary.

I also pray that anyone who is suffering as I did through sending out angels would discover that we have no control over God's Heavenly host of angels.

They obey only Him.

So the angels who do respond are agents of Satan, false angels of light, that attack your finances, work, health, spiritual growth and relationships.

We were told we had 64000 angels each to use as we liked!

Millions of Christians around the world are calling up these false angels, who do the opposite of what they are commanded and causing chaos in the church and the world through this false doctrine. For instance, many sincere believers are sending "angels" to stop ISIS killing Christians in Iraq. It is making matters worse. Stop doing this evil thing and rather obey Jesus by making your needs known to Him.

Let us all stop and repent as I had to. Brenda told me to cancel every command I had ever given to the angels, to bind them in Jesus' name and send them back to Him.

These are the angels which fell from Heaven when Satan fell. They are a more powerful rank than demons and once you send them out they keep working against you until they are stopped by Jesus.  I urge you to do this and be free in Jesus like I am today!