Saturday, 15 August 2015

Our Mighty God!

Scripture: Jeremiah 32 v 18 - 19:

".....The Great, the Mighty God, the Lord of Hosts; is His name; great in counsel, and mighty in work: for thine eyes are open on all the ways of the sons of men, to give every one according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings."

- Our God is Mighty and is present to deliver us from the wrath to come. We don't know the day or hour that Tribulation goes from mild to manic but we know the season and it is soon.

- A book I just read "2015- Final Jubilee?" puts it as close as 15 September 2015 - the actual day of 6000 years since Creation of Earth as a home for mankind.

- A strong message from a pastor in America received yesterday warns that The New World order kicks in on 25th September as announced by the powers that be in U. S. A.

- With many signs in the heavens backing up these warnings, eclipses, Blood Moons, the sun and Moon being darkened, meteors, comets, the combining of jupiter and Venus (star of Bethlehem) recently we should know that Jesus is at the door.

- He has come to judge the people of Earth and by your works you will be judged. Have you shared the gospel; prayed for the sick; given to the poor; walked in His ways; obeyed His Word? You can make up for lost time starting now.

- The first calamity will be severe breakdown of world economies like nothing ever seen before. It could happen in September. The South African Rand exchange with the British  Pound was R20 to £1 yesterday. China had a big devaluation of its currency this week. The Greek debt is at 200% of their GDP. Gold is down to $800 per ounce. Oil is below $50 per barrel. All hell is breaking loose.

- If you are born again and filled with the Holy Spirit you are safe. Jesus will show you what to do. Its the unsaved who will suffer the most and not even know why. Its our duty and calling to sound the warning to them before it hits.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we look for Your coming with great joy while being mindful that those who have neglected Your outstretched hand are in mortal danger. Help us to help them right now. Help us share this message with friends and neighbours today. Lord there is a spiritual shaking and tsunami coming and it will hit them unawares. Lord be merciful. Amen.