Friday, 11 December 2015

Restoring Your Soul

Restoring Your Soul

Scripture: Psalm 23 v 3:
"He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake."

Not everyone knows the origin of the soul or what was done to it or how it can be restored. Most people associate the soul with their feelings and emotions, which is partly true. The rest of your soul is made up of your intellect or mind; and your will.

Our big problem is that we are born in sin known as original sin. The best theologians sum it up as rebellion against God but how that applies to a newborn baby is a mystery. However the Lord has shown some clues deep in His Word to shed some light on why we are born sinful and need saving from it.

The truth is that man has zero ability to change his sinful nature without help from Jesus. So in order to meet the t's and c's to enter Heaven when the time comes you need to know why.

The Bible begins with creation of Earth Sun Moon stars vegetation animals and man. God said Let us create man in our image. He was therefore not alone. Jesus was there and is called the Creator of all things in Colossians 1. The first two humans created by God named Adam and Eve were an epic fail.

The thing that bothered me was why did God bother creating them knowing they would fail so dismally. He knew. He told them to stay from a certain tree with forbidden fruit. But no woman can resist that kind of curiousity and ably assisted by a suggestive serpent disobeyed God and enticed Adam to do so too.

God knew because Genesis was not the beginning it was actually the beginning of the solution to a problem spoken of in various places in the KJV as "the former things". In Ecclesiastes 1 v 11 we have no memory of these "former things" and when Jesus died He said Father forgive them they know not what they do. That is for the whole human race. 

Somewhere along my way I must have asked to understand all the references to that and about the people whom God foreknew and things spoken of as happening before the foundation of the world. It is clearly explained in full in my blog if you scroll the archives or read "Jesus' Bride". In a nutshell I will tell it.

All the events in Eden happened first in Heaven. God's only begotten Son had His Bride taken from His side and made into a helpmeet for Him. Lucifer was jealous, proud and determined to stop their marriage. He seduced her on her wedding day and war broke out in Heaven.

He took her hostage and left Heaven with all his wicked angels. The beings I mention are all spirits. They went into Satan's realm. His new name means Accuser. The Son of God put on her bloodstained garments (Zechariah 3) and went to that place to exchange Himself for her.

She had been utterly destroyed. Her spirit had hardened like glass and she was shattered into millions of fragments. God's voice spoke into that realm LET NONE OF THE FRAGMENTS BE LOST. They filled 12 containers.

The same thing happened to the Son. He took on her death and her sin so that she could be made alive. In that realm. Revelation 13 v 8. He laid down His life for her. He was shattered like her and His fragments were collected into 7 containers. The 12 of the Bride became known as the 12 tribes of Israel. The 7 of the Son the 7 churches in Revelations 2 - 3.

The fragments are known as souls and each one has to be born on Earth in a human body. The souls were subject to much torture and brainwashing in an attempt to keep them from ever knowing God or being saved. Hatred was sown into them and rejection and love of sin. Satan had a scheme but our God had Plan Earth.  To be concluded tomorrow.

Prayer: Father God I pray that every one who reads this message will have their understanding opened to tweak their memory of the Heavenly home they came from. Override all brainwashing and blocking from truth that each soul suffered and bring Your light and love into their hearts. In Jesus' name. Amen.