Thursday, 10 December 2015



Scripture: Exodus 4 v 9:
"And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe also these two signs, neither hearken unto thy voice, that thou shall take of the water in the river, and pour it upon dry land, and the water...shall become blood upon the dry land."

These are the words God spoke to Moses when sending him to deliver the oppressed Israelites from the cruelty of Pharoah, king of Egypt. Last night the pharoah of South Africa, President Jacob Zuma, fired his last honest finance minister and plunged this country into a new dark age.

The Minister of Finance, Nene, had the temerity to oppose financing the Presidents R4billion private jet because our coffers are empty. The replacement is a man who was a mayor of some dusty little town who failed to keep its books straight. His ability to say no to Number One will be interesting.

I looked at the rate of exchange and saw another frightening drop overnight. One British Pound equals R22.77. The people who were going to have a few weeks in Britain this Christmas will have to manage just a long weekend. The fear last week that our economy is heading for junk status has just seen us pushed over the edge.

The drought that has changed Victoria Falls into Victoria Cliffs as the great Zambezi River has run dry and the South African economy is just the same. Are we in the same place as Pharoah all those millenia ago, when God's judgment was so powerfully administered to him and his Egyptians in order to free the oppressed.

Is Zuma and his cronies; Mugabe and his henchmen; and other nations who flout God's will and abuse His people, refusing to see the writing on the wall? The Biblical translation to that mural tweet from Heaven was: 'You have been found wanting. Your kingdom will pass to another.'

We see an advanced state of God's judgment on Syria for their many acts of evil against Israel over the centuries. God is patient and has a long memory. He is just and never changes. If a nation does not repent of its evil ways His fair justice will deal it a blow.  The evil President Assad of Syria has allowed his country to be overtaken by ISIS psychopaths and should have resigned years ago. Pride and corruption go hand in hand.  

South Africa chose a few months back to host the terrorist organisation, Hamas, who have long said that Israel must cease to exist. South Africa has befriended nations who have very shoddy human rights. I was in a meeting, a Christian Conference in 1980 being addressed by the late esteemed minister of God, Derek Prince.   I vividly recall him saying prophetically, "South Africa you will need God's mercy!"

Over the years I have seen God be merciful to our nation. I truly hope that His mercy has not run dry and that we are heading into a time of judgment. Seeing the plight of the Syrian migrants fleeing their nation on foot during winter in peril of their lives is a warning we all should heed. Entertaining and being in agreement with deadly Hamas terrorists puts us at extreme risk a a nation.

Zuma has put us all in jeopardy by his extreme selfishness and lack of education. We are on a slippery slope and before the water poured on dry land turns to blood we need our God to change our government for something better.

We need Jesus to release the country from mass hypnotism which keeps them voting the corrupt back into power.  The dead African ancestors who are worshipped are used to frighten and manipulate the rural people into toeing the party line. They believe if they vote against the ruling ANC terrible calamities will come upon them from the angry ancestors. 

The Christians need to pray in unity for God to depose one and set up another who will conform to His truth and fairness. Call on Jesus to bring the nation out of the trance to be sober and in their right minds to see the corruption and fight against it. 

Our God is a God of love and we who know Him and obey His Word will always be protected from His wrath. It takes a long time for His wrath to boil but when it does He unleashes it very accurately and specifically. The corrupt firing of Minister Nene last night has put the ruling ANC into a place where the writing is very much on the wall. There is no wriggle room. That old king was given zero time to change. Within 12 hours the axe had fallen.

Prayer: Father God have mercy upon us and save us from evil rulers who have only their own interests at heart. Overcome this insane corruption in our midst and raise up those who will govern closer to Your heart's desire. Father there is a wrecking ball destroying our beautiful country; plundering our precious resources; leaving us empty and shaken. Only You, O God, can stop the rot and restore us to Your favour. In Jesus' name. Amen.