Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit Part 3

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit part 3

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12 v 1:
"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant."

Full salvation comes in a package deal. First you are born again by faith in Jesus and all your sins are forgiven. Next you are baptized by full immersion in water and after that the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Most people receive the gift of tongues, and immediately speak in tongues and prophesy.

Occasionally those that begin speaking in tongues also interpret those tongues. It is not a direct translation but an interpretation. Sometimes a long message in tongues is interpreted by less than ten words and vice versa.

All the gifts are part of the ministry of the Holy Spirit. He gives them to whoever He wills. The receiver of the gift opens it and uses it by his own ability. I speak in tongues whenever I desire to do so and for as long as I want to. My friend sings in tongues while driving her car - a heavenly experience.

If I have to bring a specific word in tongues there comes an anointing from the Holy Spirit in which I tingle all over my head and hands and shoulders. A gentle pressure is applied and the message comes out loud, clear and stops at the end. Another will feel a similar urge to bring the interpretation and a clear message is given.

There is a gift called Healings. This gift is for those who are ill, diseased or need surgery. Jesus said By My stripes you are healed. If we lay hands on the sick Jesus will heal them unless there is a block.

Blocks to healing can be varied. If the disease is the result of a curse, the curse must first be broken; if its an inherited family disease that must be bound and cut off. If its caused by disobedience to God's Word that must be corrected. If there is bitterness and unforgiveness that must be rectified.

The Holy Spirit does miracles through Christians. He even raises some dead people to life. Miracle healings of dreaded diseases have been done. We don't have to ask Him, he knows what needs doing. Our part is to do the laying on of hands and discerning the deeper problems.

The gift of discerning of spirits of good and evil is a very powerful gift. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and He gives us true discernment of what is binding some people. Like cancer. Its a demon invasion of an organ starting with a single rogue cell. That rogue is an activated enemy agent with instructions to kill its victim. It looks like a crab like the starsign.

Cancer grows on the root of bitterness activated by some carcinogen like nicotine or radium. It is a demon that must be bound and cast out in the name of Jesus who defeated every one of them. They knew Him on Earth. Have You come to send us to Hell before the time? They asked because the time would be after His death.

The Holy Spirit gives us mountain-moving faith. The gift of faith that removes all doubt. A knowing that what God has said will happen in His time. The more impossible it looks the more God enjoys the challenge because He knows what He can do if we just believe.   We must never waver in our believing because James says that those who waver will be disappointed.

Two blessed gifts are the word of knowledge and word of wisdom.  They are a word not a paragraph. The Holy Spirit gives a word of knowledge to help us solve a problem. Sometimes it comes as a verse of scripture that truly enlightens us.

Like a friend of mine being given the exact number of stitches to cast on her needles when knitting a jersey for a very large man when she had no pattern. It fitted perfectly.  It came by a word of knowledge. A word of wisdom is given to sometimes show us how to apply the gifts properly.

The Holy Spirit has nine very powerful gifts for the body of Christ to use to bring people closer to Jesus. If we respect these gifts and use them wisely they will expand within our spirits in amazing ways.  You will flow in the power of the Holy Spirit to achieve the high purposes of God if you put in the time and make the effort.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, our lives are enriched by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We need these precious gifts to be opened and used by all Christians to bring glory to You. Together with the fruit of the Spirit the gifts work by love, peace and self-control. Give us wisdom in all things O Lord. In Jesus' name. Amen.