Thursday, 14 January 2016

Judgment on Dictators

Judgment on Dictators

Scripture: Exodus 15 v 19:
"For the horse of Pharoah went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the Lord brought again the waters of the sea upon them; but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea."

Oh how thankful I am to be a child of God, loved and protected by Our Father against every wickedness. It is so blessed to read how the pillar of the cloud of smoke confused Pharoah and the Egyptians while at the same time giving light to the Israelites. The light was to see them safely across the opening of the waters of the Red Sea.

The smoke lifted for Pharoah to see the last Israelite crossing  on dry land so he drove himself and his chariots after them. When they were all in the path between the walls of water, they closed over their heads and wiped out all of them. The dictator had been set up by our God throughout this long negotiation with Moses to set the children of Israel free.

Every ruler has a divine appointment to uphold the common law to protect citizens and strangers to his land.  When he grossly overlooks this responsibility he crosses over from a leader to a dictator. President Assad of Syria comes to mind and he is right in the middle of his plagues. God's judgment on him has caused many Syrians to exodus out of Syria looking for a better land. They don't seem to have the blessing of pillars of smoke and fire to guide them nor manna from Heaven. Perhaps their attitude toward Israel over the centuries is being repaid to them.

Gaddafi, Hitler, the Caesers, Arafat, Mussolini and many others have been judged and found wanting. There is one now who has had a charmed long life but could be facing his Maker any time now. Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a heartless dictator who rules by fear and is responsible for much loss. His land grabs (taking beautiful farms from white settlers and giving them to his friends and family with no farming experience) have turned his land from the breadbasket of Africa into a starving needy nation.

He has been in power for over thirty years and been banned from travelling to western countries because of his atrocities and inhuman treatment of his citizens. He claims they love him and he is their father. There is a long distance between fear and love. He claim to be a Christian but Jesus will tell him 'I never knew you'. Many say they know Him but by their behaviour they do not manifest the love of God.     
Dictators cannot be trusted as their pride causes them to look after themselves and the nation becomes their feifdom. This is happening in South Africa where our president uses the national purse to build fancy rural estates and technikons; billion dollar personal aeroplanes and allows the country to be ruined by power outages; severe water pollution; lack of maintenance of infrastructure. He blames Christianity for the national downfall. The Lord is not mocked by one who also calls himself Reverend.

The judgment upon our people is very heavy financial burdens especially the millions out of work. We hear of gangs of robbers stripping homes in broad daylight of material goods to sell on the black market. They too will face God's judgment (Zechariah 5 v 3-4) but the dictator in charge will face God's wrath. Like Pharoah.

Those who benefit from the friendship of these rulers, who have planes flying daily to the Far East loaded with looted diamonds, gold, emeralds from the national mines and going into their secret bank accounts, will also face their Maker one day and be ashamed for all eternity.

We who watch and pray know what our God must do and can only pray for deliverance from evil and that He will bless us with good men who will deal honestly and justly with His children.

Prayer: Fathe God, when Your mercy and patience runs out Your wrath and justice replaces it and Your perfect judgment is meted out. Father let us always be careful with those You love and treat them with respect, love and kindness. In Jesus' name. Amen.