Friday, 17 November 2017

A Sound Mind

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1 v 6 - 7: "Wherefore I put thee in remembrance, that thou stir up the gift of God,  which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

God has given us power, love and a sound, or healthy, mind.  This describes a mind that is free of fear, fantasy, delusion, uncleanness and torment.  God has given us a mind filled with good and pleasant memories and experiences, thoughts that bring blessings of joy.

If our minds are not healthy we need to change what is being fed into them.  If we only look at negative images on TV or laptop or mobile phone, we open a door into our soul that causes sexual perversion, idolatry, murderous thoughts, depression and other evils.  This is contrary to the spiritual abundance that Jesus has for us.

Jesus wants us to renew our minds to conform to His Word, the Holy Bible.  Recently, there was a debate on Sky news about the decline of religion in Great Britain to where it is becoming irrelevant.  They were also bemoaning a moral decline.  When a people forsake their God, He leaves them to their own devices and seeks to raise up a new people who will love Him with all their hearts.  His departure manifests in spiritual and moral decline.  This leaves a huge door open for all sorts of corruption, crime, diseases, plagues, financial crises, government in crisis, with nobody making the proper stand against it.

Shortly after seeing this debate on TV I received a video of the late David Wilkerson called the Holy Remnant.  It was no accident that these two things coincided; Jesus was giving me His perspective.  He is coming soon and He wants His Body to conform to His high standards of righteousness and morality.  

The Holy Remnant, as preached by David Wilkerson, are those who will be raised up in the last days when the cold churches following the doctrines of men have their candlesticks removed.  The Remnant will be the ones who are birthed by the Intercessors and prayer warriors.  They will be filled with the Holy Ghost and His fire and do amazing miracles that will bring millions of souls to Jesus.

It will need people of a sound mind, who are bold and fearless, to confront the ungodly predators who beguile the gullible as the Serpent did to Eve in Eden.  When God said, Don't eat of the fruit of that tree as it will be your downfall;  The Serpent said to her, He doesn't really mean that, He just doesn't want you to know what He knows.  So she ate the forbidden fruit and paid a terrible price, she gave it to Adam and every person born thereafter was below the perfection created by God.  It led to Noah's flood and thousands of years later, to Jesus, the second man after Adam, who restores us if we let Him.

Satan has no new tricks, and cons many naive people into doing drugs, whispering into their ears, this can never hurt you!  That and other evils that change our lives into a downward spiral where we lose our sound mind and become slaves to a spirit of fear.  

Remember it is the narrow, moral, righteous way that leads to the life Jesus calls 'abundant'.  It's the broad, dangerous, risky, do your own thing way that leads to eternal separation from God.  He gives you a free will to choose the narrow or broad way, and God does not hide the consequences from us, unlike Satan who never shows us the fine print.  Never surrender our sound mind to His drugs, porn, and filth, rather reject all evil and stay spiritually pure.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, our minds are part of our soul and we need to make an effort to reject and overcome all the enemy did to make us vulnerable to sin and evil.  When we are born again You make a way for our sound mind to be restored.  Help us now O Lord to cleanse out the junk and give us pure minds.  In Jesus' name. Amen.