Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Power of Fear

Scripture: Job 3 v 25:  "For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me."

From the beginning of time, fear has been a tool in the hand of the enemy of our souls, to torment us and manipulate us into some form of compromise. The psychiatrist's couch has heard of every phobia common to man. We watch the daily News and everything fearful is displayed before us.

From financial failure on a global scale which affects the well-being of all mankind; fear of some plague causing many to wear medical masks in public; fear of earthquake, tsunamis, floods, famine, war, Islamic militants, rape, to death - the list is endless. And unavoidable depending on your geographic position.

The Word says that fear has torment. It does torment us. Some fear Alzheimer's or cancer or HIV/AIDS. There may be a history of heart disease or chronic arthritis in your family and you may fear that you will be struck down the same way. Insurance companies thrive on our fears. In today's verse Job cried out - that which I greatly feared has come upon me.

You can worry yourself into a state of mind that is familiar with every tiny symptom of some dreaded disease.  You take every precaution religiously, even pray earnestly that you will be spared, but your fear plays into the hands of your tormenting enemy.  This fear that started in your imagination will manifest in your physical life.

Perhaps you fear your partner will divorce you.  You become suspicious over every phone call or if they are late home.  You become jealous, snooping, confrontational and accusing.  The love you once had becomes mistrust and you become overly possessive and demanding.  You succeed in driving your spouse away and reaping what you have sown. 

Fear is the opposite of FAITH. What you greatly faith also happens to you. Its your attitude to your environs that determines your outcomes. God has given His Word which we must live by faith. If we know the promises and blessings in His Word we will have no fear and the enemy will have no power.

God has a covenant with His people.  The NEW Covenant has better promises and it means the OLD covenant is now obsolete.  The Ten Commandments written by the finger of God for Moses and the Jewish people, have been replaced by the commands God writes on the hearts of every unique child of His.  It requires a personal relationship of give and take, having conversations, being obedient between us and the Godhead.  When we walk in His ways we need fear no evil.

The promises of God include salvation, eternal life in Heaven, healing of diseases, release from oppression, Jesus in our hearts, the Holy Spirit guidance, the blessings of Abraham.  It ensures victory over every circumstance, having our needs met, having prayers answered.  Of course we must do our part and put effort into this relationship. Otherwise you become like a log that has rolled away from the fire.  Cold, lonely and isolated and vulnerable to Satan's attacks and the fear he manipulates us with.

The people of the world shun the Bible and faith in God so they are controlled by the Puppet Master called "The god of this world" and Satan. He rules by fear and he is merciless, ruthless and cruel. The puppets he holds the strings of are the world leaders; the dollar; the world religions; the sinners. He manipulates all these from his unseen throne and in complete oblivion.

He has his own fears too. He fears true born again, Holy Spirit filled Christians. They have Jesus in their hearts and can identify him and stop his evil works. They can evangelize sinners and get them converted into Christian saints. He also fears the Jews, the Chosen people of God.  His only method of dealing with them is total extermination by stirring up mass hatred throughout the world.

The words "fear not" are written 365 times in the Bible and are not a suggestion. If we believe Jesus can heal us because the Bible says By His stripes we are healed, then we will be healed. Jesus healed every sick person, and delivered every demon-oppressed or possessed person He came across. Blind, lame, deaf, palsy, fevers, even the dead came to life, when Jesus touched them. He has given this power to His followers. But some are afraid to try in case it doesn't work.

So if your life is filled with fear the Bible says perfect love casts out fear. Jesus is perfect love. Call on His name and cast that fear out. It is a spirit. In 2 Timothy 1 v 6 - 7 it is written: "Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.
 7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

Fear has not come from God, rather He has given us power over it, love to conquer it and a sound mind that enables us to reject it.  You can let a bird land on your head but you can prevent it making a nest in your hair.  Bind that thought of fear and chase it away.  Don't let it invade your mind and cause doubt and unbelief.

But whosoever you submit to he is your god. If you submit to Jesus, He is Lord over you; the only other spirit ruler is Satan so if you reject Jesus, you only have darkness lording it over you. The words 'I did it my way' are a lie. You respond only to the Lord Jesus Christ or His enemy Satan.  You must choose whom you serve. Its why you are on this planet. Your choice determines your final destination.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we praise and worship You for sending Your Son Jesus to rescue us from the one who surrounds us with fears. Deliver us from the power of fear to trust Your love for us that protects us from all evil. In Jesus' name. Amen.