Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Shield of Faith

Scripture: Ephesians 6 v 16.

This verse starts with "Above all..." take the shield of faith. Faith is our confidence in God's ability to do what we cannot do without Him. He could sovereignly do everything without asking us but He gave us a free will, the power of choice, and so if we need His help we must ask for it. This eliminates the self-made man; the control freak; the alpha males and females; the self-motivated and the manipulative persons as we have to be humble to depend on outside help. This is why the Lord has to let us fall into calamities to get our attention. Pride goes out of the window and faith takes its place.

This 4th important part of the armour covers our entire body and is held in front of us. It enables us to ward off the fiery darts of Satan. These darts include illness, demonic attack, burglary, murder, poverty, loss, shock etc. And no matter how many darts he throws at you, you are able by faith to withstand them.

This is our faith that nothing is impossible with our God. He is able. He is. We are of the Household of Faith and have no fear or doubt about anything. Stand firm and resist evil by faith. Faith frightens satan. Let's scare him to death! When we are toe to toe with the enemy our shiny faith shield will cause him to blink first. In the name of Jesus we have the victory!

Prayer: Heavenly Father You gave to each one born on Earth THE measure of faith. Enough to know and believe in You and Jesus. Please keep our shield steady as we resist the fiery darts. In Jesus' name. Amen.