Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Six Day Realm Unpacked - Vision 5

Scripture: Revelation 21 v 4.

All the scriptures from yesterday's post - tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - apply here too.

The 6 Day Realm of "former things" is difficult to write about as compared to Heaven it was so twisted and phony. I always see it as flat and can understand why there is still an active Flat Earth Society. Their memory of that place was not completely wiped.

 I have been a frequent flyer to this realm in prayer with Jesus, as together with others appointed to undo gross evil, we engage in many hours and days of spiritual warfare. I will try to describe it to you. Although it looks flat there are some valleys and hills. Through the middle there is one straight narrow path that leads to our Father in Heaven. It is called The Way of the Lord. Not frequently travelled. There are major highways branching off with neon lit flashing billboards advertising interesting distractions.

Once inside the distraction area eg Party there is loud booming rave type music with a trance vibe that soon has the hostages mesmerized. Over and round that music into their open- for-business minds, Satan and his demons pour rebellion, hatred, fantasies, hallucinations, addictions, sex sins and rejection of God and His word and death. This is done in very strong and exaggerated ways with many threatening words and actions.  

When these souls are clothed with a body and born on Earth whether they are druids or medieval revellers or modern ravers they manifest in very similar ways leading to drunken drug fuelled recreational parties and attitudes of rebellion to all authority and rejection of truth in God's Word.

We would condemn them for bad behaviour and judge them. Yes they chose the party route in the 6 Days. Now they have no idea how they got so deep into drugs or drink or rebellion.

 My work with Jesus entails revisiting the root of their problem ie their choice of that distraction and giving them a second option. Then all the brainwashing needs to be reversed which allows the true word to be believed, received and obeyed.

Sometimes the results are pure miracles and sometimes it takes a lot longer.

 The distraction highway to World Religions is another choice. Fill the captured souls with strange teachings and many demon idols and accompanied by frenzied beating of drums and wild gyrations brainwash them into believing their god/idol is the only right one. Everything else is false. Kill everyone that disagrees.

In the Roman Catholic Church the Spanish Inquisition murdered 68 million people for not believing that the bread and wine of  the Communion or Mass was the actual body and blood of Jesus. If they said it was symbolic of His body and blood they died of horrible tortures. An outworking of the horror and evil from the Six Days.

 There is a sharp increase in the number of hostage crises everywhere these days. Slaves of every sort - sex slaves, drug slaves, slaves to alcohol, tobacco, snuff, chocolate, coffee, power, money, material wealth. Shopaholics, workaholics, etc. All were brainwashed before this Earth was formed. Their sin was choosing to do this rather than follow the way of the Lord.

 There were no laws in the Six Day Realm it was a free for all, indulge till you bulge, hedonistic, religious recklessness at extreme levels. The souls were spun at fast pace. This brought about coma. That's why they say a top 'sleeps' when its spinning! When the Earth was formed the Lord slowed the spin to 1000 years = 1 day. So now we sleep only 8 hours a day. I can write several books on this last paragraph!

 Because of the fast spin in satan's realm the heaviest ie the really badly infected with sin and demons polarised to the top and bottom.  So when the first million or so hostages got born and manifested their evil natures to the full. Genesis 6 v 1 - 8.

So God was sorry He had made man and sent the Flood to wipe them all out. Now we are getting to the bottom of the barrel and finding the heavies all over again. As Jesus said about the end of the world.....As it was in the days of Noah and Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah) so it will be in the time of the end. Matthew 24 v 36-39.  We cannot be very far off the very last day when we see the state of the world today.

But fear not any of these things because our Father loves us and has made a way for those who choose to forsake the madness of this world for peace on the straight and narrow way that leads to life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father it is exciting to know that we will soon be with You in Heaven forever. We know that You are not willing to lose a single soul. You have put us in the midst of people who need to know You now before time runs out. Let us be faithful to You and do our part to win every soul to Your kingdom. In Jesus' name. Amen.