Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Prince of This World - Vision 2

Scriptures:  Genesis 3 v 12-15; Isaiah 14v 12-17; Ezekiel 28 v 13 - 19; John 14v 29-31; Revelation 12; Job 1v 6-12 ; Ecclesiates 1 v 11.

We need to know our enemy in order to avoid the pitfalls he has set for us. He had the advantage of having us at his mercy in the 6 day realm and then wiping our memories of the pain (Ecclesiastes). It is time to level the playing field and play him at his own game.

In Heaven the Archangel Lucifer had one third of the angels under his authority - Revelations). They were the praising angels and Lucifer was created musical (Ezekiel) and when he fell and his name was changed to Satan, his previously anointed music became twisted and used as a tool to assist in brainwashing the captive spirits in his clutches.

Music can be a wonderful blessing and can also evoke emotions in a powerful way. In South Africa a group of protesters singing struggle songs and stomping their feet can become a violent destructive mob. Back in the 6 Day Realm their spirits would have been subjected by these same musical beats and rhythms mixed in with fear, anger, war, bloodlust, arson, death so that the subconscious memory could be tweaked and chaos, mayhem and murder will rule. It always amazes people how the violence suddenly escalates and spirals out of control. The protesters songs caused the outrage managed by an unknown unseen Puppet Master, Satan, hater of God and all mankind, bringing nothing but pain and sorrow.

Certain struggle songs like Kill the Boer had to be legally blocked for this reason. Other types of music and songs eg rap music can negatively affect a whole generation and culture. In rap music the African Americans and mainly other Africans have been fed a steady diet of ghetto life, demeaning of women, slander of each other, drugs, sex and violence. This is the mindset brainwashed into them in that evil place before the Earth was made. It was a seed of a poisonous plant sown into the minds of millions who cannot now rise above the lowest common denominator that rap subjects them to.

The soul of man originated in that satanic realm. It occurred when our spirits became harder and harder until they were like glass. Eventually they shattered and the pieces became our souls. How we love that soul music, soul food. How often we feel shattered in our very soul and cannot explain it.

Our soul consists of our mind, emotions and will. This is the part of you that can be called the devil's playground. This is the way your spirit was manipulated and you made agreements with your enemy like selling your soul or serious compromise. You were conned into rejecting God; sexual deviation; murder; blasphemy; false religions; suicide; drug addiction; alcoholism; insanity; homosexuality; idolatry; anorexia; obesity; criminality; gambling; sportsmania; celebmania in fact anything and everything that would distract you from seeking salvation or following Jesus back to Heaven.  Homosexuals say they are born gay and never consented to it as they Bible claims in Romans 1. However in the 6 Days they did consent to it and were bound to that agreement by Satan. Their fleshly body manifests their soul nature but they have no recall of that commitment. That is torment. 

Then when you were born in a body of flesh designed by your Father in the form of Mankind. (This is an abbreviation for Manifesting Kind!) Your flesh was given so whatever demons were attached to your soul would be manifested before God's eyes and He could deliver you from them. What starts in the soul shows up in the flesh. This may be strong meat for some and hard to understand but it is the answer to the question "Why are we here and where did we come from." Or the heartbreaking question "Why is this happening to me?"

Everything that happened in that realm is manifesting here on Earth. Peter said One day is like a thousand years. I understand that to be ONE DAY in the 6 Day Realm is equal to 1000 years in Earth Time. We are living in a slow motion action replay in order for our God to effectively save and deliver us from the horrors we experienced there and have to live through now.

(To be continued)

Prayer: Heavenly Father I will never forget the day when my eyes were opened to the 6 Day Realm and You restored my memories of it all. You have done so much to spare us the worst of it. You have brought us back to life but many blame You for the ills of this world while Your enemy gloats at the sinners he torments. O Lord I ask that people everywhere will know this truth and follow the Lamb, Jesus, with all their hearts to avoid the eternal fires of Hell. In Jesus' name.  Amen.