Monday, 11 March 2013

The Ransom - Vision 3

Scriptures: 1 Timothy 2 v 6; Matthew 20 v 28; Mark 10 v 45; John 3 v 16. 

The word ransom means a price paid for freedom. It is almost exclusively used in cases of kidnapping and hostage taking. In recent years this has become an increasing international fear. People are very concerned about their security.

We know that we were held hostage by Satan. (If this is news to you please read the two previous articles.) Our Father saw that we  were permanently separated from Him. John said God so loved us that He sent Jesus to be our Ransom. Anyone who believes in the power in the name of Jesus will live and never be separated from Him again. Those who reject or neglect this ransom deal are condemned to Hell. No argument, no appeal. This is part of a negotiated settlement.

To ransom is also to redeem. To buy back. Jesus is called our Saviour and Redeemer because He went into the Six Day realm to offer His life in exchange for ours. To buy us back by laying down His life for the sins we had committed under Satan's power before this Earth was formed. 

 I know people are asking why this was not known before now. In 1980 I received a prophecy that the Lord was going to give me a revelation that no-one else had ever had and only to be revealed when He instructed. I have shared it with a very few people till now.  Only one person I shared it with rejected it. Everyone else has been blessed, and their walk with Jesus enhanced by knowing ALL that Jesus did for them. A true Biblical revelation fits all books of the Bible and never detracts from the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

There were all sorts of rules laid down for the release of the hostages.

Satan laid down his demands in Isaiah 14 v 13-14.  I will exalt my throne above the stars of God etc. Meaning he wants full control over everything. To be God. In verse 17 comes his condemnation. He did not keep his end of the negotiations. He did not release his captives. He had Jesus as the exchange prisoner but at the last moment changed his mind.  All the hostages who were supposed to be released were now in a state of coma and Jesus was slain. His great Spirit was shattered into billions of pieces. (Every time we take Communion from now onwards let us understand the true intention of Jesus when He said at The Last Supper "This is my body broken for you. Do this in remembrance of Me." His body was not broken on the Cross. It was broken before the foundation of Earth (- Revelations 13 v 8.) He wanted to stir our memories to that event and somehow I was the one who got the revelation. Still gobsmacked 30 years on. I wonder how you are entering into this knowledge.)
The new creation that God made consisted of one piece of His Son together with our spirit in coma, the soul  that surrounded it containing all the preprogrammed brainwashing and tampering, plus a fleshly body through which our sinful condition could be manifested. God made the Earth for us to live on while this was worked out. Those who receive Jesus as Lord will have this all set aside and be free of the bondage of sin.
Spiritual Heaven had to be dissolved for God to make a new rescue plan. in a move that spun that spiritual state into solid matter in the form of stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, comets, moons, space. Peter says there will be a new Heaven where we will dwell forever.  This dissolution from Spirit to matter caused the Big Bang. Earth landed in the sector Satan controlled and our Father placed it in the right spot and formed it in beauty with care so that we would have a temporary dwelling place while He found a way to restore us out of coma and make a New Creation out of Jesus and us His brethren.

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Prayer: Heavenly Father I bow my knees to the Lord Jesus Christ my Saviour, Ransomer and Redeemer, who did so much for me and the whole world. I don't know why I was chosen to receive this revelation but I send it forth by faith to those whom You have chosen to receive it. In Jesus' name. Amen.