Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - Vision 4

Scriptures: Genesis 3; Isaiah 42 v 9; 43 v 18; 48v3; Rev 21v4 - 5; Micah 5 v 2.

In my search for the truth of what happened to us all, I was led to start in Genesis and look into the past. This gave me the timespan of 6 Days ie the days of Creation linked to the time we were kidnapped. To understand why a certain tree was forbidden to the first humans I again looked into the realm of antiquity which the Lord also referred to as the "former things".

There were two trees in the Garden of Eden that had special significance: the Tree of Life (also found in Rev 22) and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Tree of Life was the Trinity of God who clothed man in spotless innocence and everlasting life. The other tree brought carnal knowledge and death. Eve was beguiled, conned, tempted to eat the forbidden fruit; Adam did it with the full awareness that he was empowering satan to be god of this world. It had to be done.

This world is a slow motion action replay of the 6 Day Realm. God has made a Man in whom is the unremembered atrocities he has experienced. God breathes life into Adam to bring his 'dead in original sin' soul to life. Within his spirit is a part of the body of His slain Son. Adam and Eve have free will. If they can resist THAT tempting tree then God will have succeeded in undoing the burden of every man yet to be born. The rest is history.

Before the creation of Adam and Eve I am vaguely aware of hostage negotiations being discussed. This is what I remember -
No memory of Heaven or 6 Days Realm;
Man has free will to decide whom he will worship;
The consequence of sin is death;
God will have one special group of people with whom He can express His nature, miracles, laws, truth, power;
Satan is god of THIS world until the battle for the universe is won;
Satan has legal title to Earth;
God cannot do anything in the Earth without first establishing a legal precedent;
God can send a certain number of deliverers, judges, kings, prophets, apostles, teachers to Earth; God can bring judgment on Earth for gross manifestations of evil in people;
God can send one Messiah;
Satan can bring sin, disease, poverty, death and destruction at will;
Each human will have enough faith to believe in God;
God can respond to the prayer of faith. 

The parameters have been set and our Father releases His first humans into Eden breathing life into them and giving them freedom in every area except one. By the time of Noah the whole human race then living were totally corrupt and reprobate. The only people still honouring and obeying God was Noah and his family. Eight people. Noah built the Ark and housed his family and pairs of every animal. God covered the whole Earth with a Flood of judgment and was sorry He had made Man.

Abraham set a legal precedent when he took Isaac his son on God's instructions into a mountain to slay his only son. At the last moment God stopped the sacrifice of Isaac and substituted a ram. God now had the right to sacrifice His Son Jesus and substitute Him for the whole human race.

The tower of Babel in Babylon was the start of Baal worship and every false religion stems from that source. After the Flood the lifespan of man was reduced to 70 years from hundreds of years.

All the horrors of the 6 Day Realm were manifesting on Earth and God had to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their extreme wickedness.

Jesus responded to questions about when the end of the world would come with the words that the same wickedness and corruption as in the time of Noah and Lot would be overwhelming. It is getting very close and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is flourishing in the form of the World Wide Web. Webs are there to catch prey for spiders to eat. Don't be caught up in the evil side of knowledge, trust in Jesus to save you from it all.

Prayer: Father God to know You is to love You. To be part of Your family is just wonderful. I pray that their understanding would be full so they can be aware of their place and importance in Your Kingdom. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

To be continued. The 6 Day Realm Unpacked.