Monday, 20 May 2013

How to Overcome Depression Forever

Scripture: Isaiah 61 v 1- 3; Psalm 149 v 6 - 9; James 4 v 7. 


Depression is always a spiritual attack. No matter how many years you take anti-depressant pills, when you stop the medication the depression returns.  Depression has been described in Isaiah as "heaviness" and people have said that its when everything negative lands on top of you at once and a sense of hopeless defeat envelops you in this miserable black cloud of despair. It becomes a complete malfunction at times. Depression is one of the leading reasons for suicicidal tendencies.

In Isaiah God sends the garment of praise for the SPIRIT of heaviness.  He is telling us that this is a spiritual problem that needs a spiritual solution.  He knows that when you praise Him He is on the scene to bind the rulers of darkness who bring depression on people. Psalm 149 v 6-9. So if you suffer bouts of depression put on some good Gospel praise songs and sing along even if that is the last thing you want to do. Praising God brings the cavalry that will destroy the spirit of heaviness.  

The root of depression is in the occult realm. This realm is filled with things like glassy-glassy or ouija board; fortune tellers; astrology; astral projection; spiritualism; martial arts; Zen; Feng Shui; heavy metal music; rap music; witchcraft; drugs; cults; Freemaonry; Dungeons and Dragons role playing games etc. There are evil spirits that control each of these activities that have a severe influence over vulnerable people. 

If you open the door to the occult - you open Pandora's Box for real. You invite these spirits to invade your life. You usually have no idea about any

of this "harmless fun" having a negative effect on your life.   Unless you have been taught in Church about spiritual warfare you remain ignorant about the dangers you expose yourself and your family to.

The big baddie is called the Kundalini or Ki. Also known as Prana or The Force. He specialises in sexual perversions; drug addiction; manic depression; spinal injury; occult power and death. Those spirits to whom you submit yourself they are your lord. If Jesus is your Lord and Saviour you have a way of escape. If not, not. 

The way out of this mess is to first confess all occult (and any other) sin to the Lord Jesus Christ and utterly reject it. Burn books, objects, and clothing connected to the occult and witchcraft. When you have submitted to God in this way you must then RESIST Satan. Actively reject and refuse to let him and his demons manipulate you. Declare aloud that the Blood of Jesus has set you free then start praising God and the depression WILL flee.

 Let Jesus set you free today!!

 Prayer: Heavenly Father how great Thou art. Nothing stops You from freeing us from demons. You want us to be filled with joy. Thank You that Jesus broke Satan's power so we can be free to love and praise You. In Jesus' name. Amen.