Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wise and Foolish Virgins

Scripture:  Matthew 25 v 1 - 13.


This parable portrays Israel in the last days as consisting of 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins awaiting the Bridegroom to take them into the Marriage Feast. The foolish ones had let their oil run dry. The oil signifies the Holy Spirit and all that He brings to your life. The Holy Spirit empowers you to live a holy, righteous life.

They obviously once had the fullness of the Spirit of God but foolishly had neglected their lamp - their own spiritual life - and they had used up all their reserves of oil. Running on empty they wanted other believers to share their oil but that will not happen as the Bridegroom expects to see burning lamps when He arrives. Those members of His Bride who are alert and ready to move with Him will be shining with joy and delight.

The careless virgins demand some of the others' oil. This means some compromise and distraction which will mean being left behind when the Bridegroom comes.

The wise virgins send them to get their own oil. While they are out the Bridegroom comes and takes the virgins who are ready.

For the foolish it is too late. The opportunity has passed. The Bridegroom says I don't know you.

It is important to understand that the Rapture happens before the Bridegroom comes for Israel. The Rapture is when the Church, the body of Jesus, leaves Earth to meet Jesus, the Head of the body, in the sky. This completes the Bridegroom.

Forty two months before this Israel signed a 7 year peace treaty with all Arab nations which was engineered by the Antichrist. When the Church is raptured Israel's eyes are opened to who who true Messiah and husband are and she flees into the mountains of Petra in Jordan.

All the nations of the world form a huge army of 200 million to attack Israel in the Battle of Armageddon. The Bridegroom, Jesus plus body, arrives and destroys 166 million soldiers in one moment of time. 

These virgins are the remnant of Israel and only 50% are going to make it. They have endured to the end and not wavered. Those who doubted and backslid are now without the oil of the Holy Spirit they are forever lost.

It applies to us as well. Without the oil of the Holy Spirit we will run dry at the wrong time so be filled and stay filled through fellowship, praise and worship. Read, believe and do what is written in the Bible. This keeps your lights on and makes you visible in Heaven.

Prayer: Father God we pray for Israel to be strong and alert and filled to overflowing with Your oil. And also for the Church, the Body of Jesus, that at the time of the Rapture the Body will meet the Head (Jesus) in the air to complete the Bridegroom. Let the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit flow through us continually. In Jesus' name. Amen.